The Service Factors Influencing IUD Removal among Post-Menopause Women: Results from an Exploring Study in Rural China

Xiaoming Sun, Nanjing College for Population Program Management (NCPPM)

Background: A great number of women who used IUD are entering their middle ages. China’s family planning program has been experiencing a big challenge to provide IUD removal services for the post-menopause women. Method: An interviewed questionnaire survey was conducted among 3463 women aged 40-64 from rural China. We used the chi-square test and multivariate regression analysis to examine the association of IUD removal with the post-menopause women’s general information and KAP towards reproductive health. Results: The results showed that three characteristics were significant for IUD removal: awareness of IUD removal time, sex needs after menopause and received formal health education were positively associated with having IUD removed. The experienced abortion was also positively associated, but not significant. Conclusions: The middle-age women in rural China are lack of quality reproductive health services, particularly the IUD removal for the post-menopause women. A special program for IUD removal should be well-designed for the post-menopause women.

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Presented in Poster Session 7: Family Planning, Sexual Behavior, and Reproductive Health