Adolescent Sexual Behaviors and Serial Cohabitation in Young Adulthood

Emily Schondelmyer, Bowling Green State University
Matthew Wright, Bowling Green State University

Serial cohabitation has been increasing over the past two decades, particularly among young adults. To further our understanding of union formation in young adulthood, this study extends previous work by examining the relationship between adolescent sexual experiences and serial cohabitation among a recent cohort of young women and men. Using Waves I and III of the Add Health, we find that involvement in a nonromantic sexual relationship during adolescence is associated with greater odds of serial cohabitation among young adults. This study suggests that the context of adolescent sexual relationships has implications for multiple cohabiting union formations in young adulthood. Serial cohabitation has implications for future union formation with greater instability in those relationships. Future analyses will examine gender differences in serial cohabitation and sexual relationships based on preliminary findings suggesting a gender difference in adolescent predictors of serial cohabitation.

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Presented in Poster Session 9: Children and Youth; Data and Methods