Consistency in Estimates of Sex Ratio at Birth from Registered Birth to Census in Greater Mumbai

Mamta Rajbhar, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)
Sulabha Parasuraman, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

Sex ratio at birth(SRB) is considered as a biological entity and in most of the population, it ranges in a narrow interval of (103 to 107) male births to 100 female births. However, in recent period many developing countries especially from Asia, SRB has shown an increasing trend. This paper examines the consistency in estimates of sex ratio at birth from data on registered births by Bombay Municipal Corporation to estimates from Census age distributions along with level and trends in SRB in Mumbai. From registration data sex ratio at birth is directly estimated, while it is reverse survived from census. Study highlights that registration of births in Greater Mumbai is almost complete and reliable, but the excessive increase in SRB during 1971-76 and 1991-95 periods is still unexplained. Probably, it may be because of use of ultrasound and other new technologies developed for detection of sex of the fetus.

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Presented in Poster Session 9: Children and Youth; Data and Methods